Tournament Rules

 Sting Austin Warm Up Cup

May 21 - 23, 2021

Classifications and Age Divisions

Div IV U-9/U10 - Rec and Rec+/Academy 7v7
Div I-III U-11/12 9v9 – Competitive and Recreational

Div. I-III U-13/14 11v11 – Competitive and Recreational


The Sting Austin Warm Up Cup is sponsored by Sting Austin Soccer Club. The tournament is unrestricted and open for competitive and recreational teams registered with any USSF affiliates. It is open to boys and girls competitive teams from ages U11-U14 and boys and girls recreational teams from U9 through U14. Single age group brackets as well as level-of-play brackets will be formed where sufficient applications support the groupings. We will group 2 age groups of the same level-of-play prior to grouping different levels-of-play within the same age group. For example, a U11-U12 Division 2 bracket will be formed before a U12 group with D2, Super 2, and D1 teams in it. The same applies for Rec and Rec+/Academy U9/10 teams.



Registration without payment will not be accepted. No telephone registrations accepted. Entries received after the deadline will be subject to acceptance on a space available basis only. The entry fee will be refunded if a team is not accepted. There will be no refund after a team is accepted.



Team rosters are limited to ten (10) players for U-9 and U-10 teams, fourteen (14) players for U11 and U12 teams, eighteen (18) players for U-13 to U-14 teams. A maximum of five (5) guest players are allowed for U13 & U14. A maximum of three (3) guest players are allowed for U9 – U12. Birth date of the oldest player determines the age bracket of the team. A player may play on only one (1) team in the tournament. An official typed team roster signed by the Association Registrar with jersey numbers denoted thereon must be submitted. A final typed team roster signed by the Association Registrar must be submitted at the time of check-in.


Check in

  • Check-in will be held at the fields 1 hour before the first game or by noon.

  • Required Items and Documents:

  • Official Roster signed by Registrar

  • Laminated USYSA, US Club Soccer or AYSO player ID Cards

  • Approved USYSA travel permit for Non-STYSA teams

  • Medical Release Forms for each player including guest players


Game Format

  • Each team is guaranteed to play at least three (3) games. All games schedules are final as published. No changes will be permitted. In round robin/first-round play, ties at the end of regulation time will stand. For semi-final and championship games, ties at the end of regulation will be broken by taking FIFA penalty kicks, and no overtime periods will be played.


  • Teams must be at designated field at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game time and be ready for inspection by the referee. All parents for both teams must be on one sideline and all players and coaches on the other sideline. Home team will kick-off and visiting team will select an end to defend. Home team is the team listed first on the schedule. Home team must change jerseys in the event of a color conflict or if requested by the referee. 


Game Length and Ball Size

  • First Round Play/Quarter Finals and Consolation

    • U9 / U10 two (2) 20 minute halves (Ball size 4)

    • U11 / U12 two (2) 25 minute halves (Ball size 4)

    • U13 / U14 two (2) 30 minute halves (Ball size 5)


  • Semi-Finals and Finals

    • U9 / U10 two (2) 25 minute halves

    • U11 / U12 two (2) 30 minute halves

    • U13 / U14 two (2) 35 minute halves


SUBSTITUTIONS –1) a player may be substituted on at a stoppage of play with the permission of the referee; otherwise substitutions may be made at any stoppage only with the permission of the referee, and 2) if the age group is 15 & under, free substitution is allowed. For age groups 16 years and older, free substitution is allowed providing the tournament is not an official competition (but a friendly club tournament) and the age category does not include matches between national teams of CONCACAF member countries.


Round Robin

4 or 5 team brackets will play round robin. The teams finishing with highest and second highest amount of points will be the champion and runner-up respectively.


Brackets of 6 Teams sub-bracketed into two brackets of 3 teams will play round robin (2 games).  The team in the third place will play a consolation game against the team in the other bracket in third place.  The other two teams will play in a semi-final game to determine who will play in the final game. A1vB2 and B1vA2.


8 Team Bracket

Brackets of 8 Teams sub-bracketed in two brackets of 4 teams will play intra-bracket round robin. The winner of each bracket will play the championship match.


10 Team Bracket

Brackets of 10 teams will be divided into two sub-brackets of 3 teams playing cross-bracket and one sub-bracket of 4 teams playing intra-bracket round robin. The three bracket winners and the next high-point wildcard will advance to the semi-finals. The highest point semi-finalist will play the lowest point semi-finalist and the 2nd and 3rd high point semi-finalists will play each other. The winners of the semi-final matches will play the championship match.


12 Team Bracket

Brackets of 12 Teams sub-bracketed into three brackets of 4 teams will play intra-bracket round robin. The four teams that will advance to semi-finals are the 3 bracket winners and the 2nd place team with highest amount of points. The highest point semi-finalist will play the lowest point semi-finalist and the 2nd and 3rd high point semi-finalists will play each other. The winners of the semi-final matches will play the championship match.


Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals

All Quarter Finals will be played as round robin game length.

All Semi Finals & Finals will be full length games (refer to game length section above).

If a game is tied at the end of regulation the taking of penalty kicks (according to USSF guidelines) will break the tie.


Standings Scoring System

  • Win: 6 points, plus 1 point for each goal scored (max of 3 goals)

  • Tie: 3 points, plus 1 point for each goal scored (max of 3 goals)

  • Loss: 0 points, plus 1 point for each goal scored (max of 3 goals)

  • Shutout: 1 bonus point shall be awarded for a shut out

    • In the event of a 0‐0 tie, the scoring will be 3 points for the tie and 1 for the shut out, for a total of 4 points per team.

  • Forfeit: Forfeits will be considered a 3-0 loss for the forfeiting team. The other team will be awarded 10 points. If a team forfeits a game, all the points from games involving that team will not be counted in the standings.


Tie Breakers

Winner of head-to-head competition
Goal Differential (limit +/- 3 per game)
Fewest Goals Allowed

Most Goals Scored (limit 3 goals per game)

Total Wins

Fewest Penalty Points (Yellow Card=3 points, Red Card=6 points)
FIFA Penalty Kicks


Game Cards

Coaches are responsible for checking the game card for accuracy after each match before they sign the card. Each coach must sign the game card immediately after the match. Game cards will be turned in by the referee.



A team withdrawing from the tournament after being accepted shall forfeit its entry fee. In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director has the authority to restructure or cancel the tournament. It will not be rescheduled, and no refunds will be issued once tournament play has begun. If, the tournament is cancelled prior to the start of play, a refund less expenses will be distributed.

Inclement Weather Procedure

In case of inclement weather, the Tournament Director will determine if games are to be played or if on-going matches are to be stopped. If any games are canceled, it is up to the coaches of the teams to check with the Tournament Director for rescheduling information. Games shall be considered complete if one half of the game has elapsed, the score at the stoppage of play will be the final score. If one half has not elapsed and the game is stopped, the game must be rescheduled if it affects the outcome of the tournament and if weather and field availability permit. The Tournament Director shall have the ultimate authority in determining whether or not the fields are playable. Please check the tournament website at for information and weather updates. The Tournament Director reserves the right to readjust game length times and/or change fields.


Team and Spectator Behavior

All players, coaches and spectators are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times. Failure to do so could lead to the disqualification of the team from the tournament. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and supporters. Spectators, players, and team staff involved in any physical or verbal abuse towards anyone including referees, tournament staff or one another, may be ejected from the tournament.



A player receiving a red card will be ejected from the game and prohibited from participating in the next game. A second red card to the same player results in that player being expelled from the tournament. A player accumulating three (3) yellow cards in the course of the tournament will be suspended for the next scheduled game.


Reporting Misconduct

Referees are required to report all disciplinary actions taken before, during or after a game on an official game report, and to separately report all cases of serious misconduct to tournament headquarters immediately following the game in which the serious misconduct occurred. All yellow and red cards are reported to STYSA on the official Post Tournament Report immediately following the tournament. All referee decisions are final. No protests allowed. Tournament Director will have final jurisdiction over all matters related to the tournament.


Laws of the Game

FIFA laws shall apply as modified by USYSA and STYSA, except as noted on this document. All players must wear shin guards. No hard casts, even if padded, will be permitted.



All players on a team shall wear numbered jerseys. Each team must have an alternative color jersey for each player in case of color conflict. The first team listed on the schedule is the home team and must change jerseys, if deemed necessary by the referee. (Home teams shall wear dark  and visitors shall wear light)

In accordance with FIFA rules, sliding shorts or bicycle pants will not be allowed to extend below the shorts unless the shorts or pants are the same color as the uniform shorts. The center referee shall have final authority as to what is a proper uniform.



Player Equipment

  1. All players must wear shin guards

  2. No metal-rimmed glasses or jewelry of any kind will be allowed

  3. Casts (No hard casts), splints, or body braces with hard surfaces must be covered.  The referee has the ultimate authority.

Referees will check players before each game. No player will be allowed to participate without proper equipment.


Game Ball

The home team, listed first on the schedule, shall submit a game ball of appropriate size, weight, and pressure to the Referee at the beginning of a game.


Members on the submitted rosters of the First and Second place teams shall receive awards.



All referee decisions are final. No protests will be allowed.  The Tournament Director will have final jurisdiction over all matters related to the tournament.


Matters Not Provided For

Any situation or questions on rules of competition not covered herein will be governed by USYSA, STYSA Administrative Rule books. Any matter not provided for in Tournament rules, USYSA, or STYSA rules shall be determined by the Tournament Director, whose decisions shall be final. The Tournament Director may amend or revise these rules prior to team check-in as deemed necessary. The on-line version of the tournament rules shall override any printed copies.

Melissa Schwartz

Tournament Director


Lead Travel

Travel Coordinator


Stephanie Thompson-Papadopoulos

Referee Assignor



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